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Take it one step further.

Pure Pilates Amsterdam instructors are certified and highly experienced in creating a personalized workout that will keep you challenged and reaching for your next fitness goal.


Cheryl Franks

Master Instructor / Studio Owner
Cheryl is a former professional dancer and the founder of Pure Pilates Amsterdam. She is a Power Pilates® certified instructor who worked with master trainers in NYC for 7 years before opening this studio in 2009. In addition to teaching, she runs a mentorship program in order to pass on her classical Pilates expertise to a new generation of instructors. For Cheryl, Pilates is the ultimate mind/body workout. Nurturing your strength, no matter what your level, is her focus in every session.


Marieke van der Tol

Senior Instructor
In 2013 Marieke completed the Comprehensive Teacher Training Program at Smartbody Pilates Studio in Amsterdam. She has since followed several workshops by well known Pilates professionals, and completed the BASI Probridge, Mentor and Master I programs. The combination of mental focus, flexibility and strength is what makes Pilates so special to her.


Carly Potter

Senior Instructor
Originally from Utah, Carly’s passion for Pilates is what brought her to NYC to train with Power Pilates®. After suffering injuries in a serious car accident in 2014, Carly used her education to rehabilitate her body and mind. This experience has motivated her to help others heal and reach their wellness goals with Pilates, while making sure it's always fun!


Monica Limnell

Certified Instructor
Monica, originally from Finland, is a certified PhysioPilates and Polestar instructor with a degree in physiotherapy. For the last several years she has followed a mentorship program with our Master Instructor, Cheryl, and is now one of the top classical teachers in Amsterdam specializing in pre- and postnatal practice. Monica believes that Pilates can help everyone feel healthier, more connected and calmer in their body and mind.